dMany small businesses contract IT services only as needed to assist with end-user problems and complaints. Contracting these services is a good way to control overhead IT costs, by eliminating the need for costly full-time IT staff. However, this only covers part of your technology needs.


When an organization only responds to problems in IT as they surface, it may only be treating the symptoms of a much larger problem. As the problem grows, it may develop into a situation that can bring the company to its knees. Server crashes, hard drive failures, application failures, sporadic network performance problems, these problems and many more can often be stemmed by a good wellness program. Proactive monitoring of systems on a regular basis, allows technical personnel to spot trends and weak areas in systems BEFORE they surface into problems for the company and necessitate a more costly service call.


Unforeseen downtime and data loss translates directly into money lost in lost man hours, data recovery costs, and increased customer service response times. It also has some hidden costs, like loss of customer trust and decrease in work performance due to lower worker satisfaction. When systems are not performing at their best, you are not getting your money’s worth. It’s like buying a car and never changing the oil! You may also need new equipment to stay current with today’s technology. For small to medium businesses, server upgrades can solve a host of problems from support and repair costs to increased workflow performance to the ability to provide new services to your customers and employees. Without regular monitoring of your systems, you may not know you are light years behind your peers, before it is too late.


Don’t let performance issues eat up your budget without you knowing about it! Don’t let your competitors take the lead. Take the time now to contact Divens Custom Data, LLC about Remote Monitoring Service.  We can keep tabs on your systems 24x7. 

Your systems can alert us when:

  • Attempts are made to hack into your system
  • Your website goes down
  • You are running out of hard drive space, on your desktop or server
  • Hard drives are about to fail*
  • You systems need more memory to run efficiently
  • Your backup has failed to run
  • And many many more checks are available

Remote Monitoring also can give you these valuable tools:

  • Patch Management - Automatically patch your systems with security fixes and updates from not only Microsoft, but many major software packages like Adobe and Java.
  • Remote Assistance - This tool allows us to connect to your systems remotely to work alongside you to correct a problem or provide remote training if necessary
  • Web Protection - You can control how you company connects to the web.  Protect yourself from Hostile Workplace claims, web-borne viruses and more...
  • Managed Antivirus  - Automatically alert us when a virus attempts to infect your systems
  • Managed Online Backup - Store backups in a secure cloud as wel as locally to protect from physical damage on premesis


Protect your Exchange Server too!

Do you run your own Microsoft Exchange Server? How critical is e-mail communication to your organization? Does it directly impact your daily communication to your customers and vendors? There are other means of communications, but e-mail has become such a universal method, that any interruption can cause a loss of business opportunity. Your mail server should be checked regularly for problems such as database size limits, virus and spam definition updates, security patch updates, as well mail flow problems in and out of your organization. Divens Custom Data, LLC can provide those services as well.


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